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Feel the Mediterranean taste in your palate

Vitale  Restaurant are offering special tastes from Mediterranean and World cuisine, offers its guests a rich menu alternative with its original tastes prepared in masterful hands.  Our  Wine Hall is a special place for its guests and where special events can be held accompanied by the magnificent view of the Bosphorus.  Our restaurants are also is one of the most enjoyable brunch places at the Bosphorus on Sundays.www.vitalerestaurant.com


Vitale  Restaurant is designed to make our guests feel like the magnificent sultans in old times has stone walls with wooden decorations, 150 square meters of meeting space, and the ability to seat 80 people.Please visit  www.vitalerestaurant.com/

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Vitale Restaurant Bar

Vitale Restaurant is next to a spectacular swimming pool with a spectacular sea view, in the heart of a historic district in the peninsula, and has 450 square meters of meeting space, and the ability to seat 400 people in a reception style layout, and 350 people in a dining layout.

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Vitale Restraurant and Bar

You can taste all varieties of world-famous wines as well as local wines in our wine house. Taş Ev Wine Hall offers a fantastic restaurant menu that includes assorted wines, domestic and imported cheese plates, seafood, steaks, pasta varieties, salads, and desserts suitable for any occasion.

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