Seven Hills Palace Spa

Are you ready for an inspiring experience at Seven Hills SPA?


From the Far East to Ancient Egypt, from Rome to modern massage methods, many techniques are we bring together and take every detail on a meticulously prepared purification and relaxation journey.

In this journey where the wonderful notes of scents mix with the relaxing harmonies of music, With the magic touches of professional hands, a physical rest, spiritual purification, and emotional we provide a satisfaction

Our Values

Hygiene: In our center, international health standards are observed, we disinfect regularly and thoroughly the entire area using who recommended methods and disinfectants. Our professional cleaning teams are well educated and practice current methods. The equipment and devices we use are specially cleaned and be sterilized when appropriate. We especially observe all international standards for avoiding virus contamination and spreading.

Education: It is the most important success criterion for us, to ensure that the guests ENJOYING our center leaves with the best result. For this, everyone working in our center is trained BY the best professionals in their field.

Ethics: Our working principles come first. As Seven Hills SPA & WELLNESS, we present our world-class holistic service understanding, within the framework of a principled work.

Guest Focus: We shape all our processes on the axis of customer satisfaction and we work to see positive expressions on the faces of our guests. In this context, only one thing determines the route of all the services we provide; happy faces joining our family

Skin Care

Our skin is most affected by the complexity of modern times. In order for your skin, which cannot resist time, to have a radiant and lively appearance, we deeply cleanse it and offer you the care it needs with expert hands.

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If you are looking for an exit door that will leave all fatigue and stress behind, you can IMMERSE yourself to the magic touches of expert hands. Do your soul and body a favor with traditional and modern massage techniques that create a peaceful harmony with scents and music

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Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath experience, which has been taken to an advanced point with the special features and modern interpretation of Seven Hills SPA, enables the pores on the skin to open, the blood circulation to accelerate, the skin to be purified and the person to relieve stress.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is used all over the world for relaxing purposes. This massage with herbal oils allows the body to relax and the muscles to soften. In this method, all weak tissues and passive muscles of the body are activated, while the oils used in the massage help the body to relax completely.

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Medical Massage

Medical massage is a therapy applied with a warming medical massage cream that bases on to relax the painful areas of the body in order to relieve the pain and tension caused by chronic pains, occupational diseases, and a stressful life that we experience today. Manual therapy is applied to the massaged areas, allowing the muscle to stretch and relax, while applying the same therapy at regular intervals helps the person to get rid of their established pain.

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Aromatherapy Massage

While massage usıng heated the aromatic oils warms the skin surface and provides relaxation of the muscles, the rhythmic movements applied during the therapy the body to remove fluid accumulation in the tissue, it also activates the digestive system of the person and helps to restore the intestinal balance. 

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Deep Tissue Massage

This is a type of massage in which the tempo of its manipulations is low but the manual pressure is high.

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Signature 4 Hand Heaven

Are you ready for a journey to fairy tales with four magical hands reaching out from heaven with Seven Hills spa & wellness? working over your whole body with synchronized movements, four hands provide a unique feeling of calm and relaxatıon. 

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Seven Hills SPA Signature Therapy

Seven Hills SPA & Wellness, we believe that every touch on the right points will give a new direction to your bodily spirit, and together we bring traditional and modern massage techniques that will purify your body.

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Hot Stone Massage

Would you like to open your chakras with Hot Stone Therapy applied using volcanic basalt stones and using the thermal heat of the stones? In this therapy method, which is brought to life by the expert hands of Seven Hills SPA & Wellness, it is first heated to a reasonable temperature, brought to a degree that the body can tolerate, and placed in the chakra areas of the body. With the increasing blood flow and body temperature, your chakra-aura balance is adjusted to the law of attraction of nature.

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